10 Things You Might Not Know about Giraffes

My favorite animal to watch while we were on our SkySafari was the giraffe. Seemingly ungainly and often the butt of bad jokes, I found them to be majestic creatures to watch. They are extremely curious and sure to steal your heart with their long necks, beautiful patchwork coat, and lovable nature. Despite that they …

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20 Must-See Landmarks Around the World

From the Hoover Dam to the Hermitage, these 20 must-see landmarks around the world are a dose of travel inspiration. Whenever we travel, no matter to far-flung places or in our own backyard, we’re attracted to the world’s most famous buildings and landmarks. We’ve picked 20 of our favorites from our travels around the world. …

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The Glitz and Glamor of the Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monte Carlo is synonymous with glitz and glamor; it’s a playground for the rich and famous, a whirlpool of extravagance, and a tax haven. The Casino de Monte-Carlo is the tiny principality’s most recognizable landmark – a pinprick on the European map really – yet, as recognizable as the Arc de Triomphe or the Leaning …

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Top Spots to Lunch and Brunch in Monte Carlo

You would expect nothing less than Michelin stars and the finest dining from around the world in Europe’s wealthiest nation. With top chefs, handpicked fresh ingredients, first-rate service, spectacular views, ambiance fit for a king (or Albert II, the Prince of Monaco) and an impressive array of awards, the tiny Principality of Monaco is a …

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Sleep in Thousand Year Old Trees at Tarangire Treetops

Every kid loves their tree house and has probably begged mom and dad to sleep it in at least once. But tree houses are just for kids anymore; tree house hotels offer adventurous travelers (read: not afraid of heights) a chance to bring out the inner tree-climbing kid inside. Built into the branches of thousand …

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30 Stunning Wildlife Photos from Tarangire National Park

Did we have a favorite national park or conservation area on our SkySafari through Tanzania? No, we could never pick a favorite because each was special in its own right. But Tarangire National Park was definitely our favorite for seeing herds of elephants. Sort of off the main safari route most travelers to Tanzania take, …

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The Culture, Music and Dance of the Maasai Tribe

When your Cessna lands on nothing more than a dirt strip in the middle of the African bush, it’s easy to forget that there are indigenous people – or any people, really – living amongst the king of the beasts. The Maasai Tribe have called these arid plains of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania home …

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An Exclusive Look at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo Wine Cellar

It was French entrepreneur and founder of “Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers à Monaco” (S.B.M.) François Blanc that built the legendary Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo in 1864. The hotel literally provided the best of everything that the world had to offer, though its wine cellar was a simple room housing only …

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Spotting Africa’s Big Five

Going on safari is at the top of many a traveler’s bucket list and we’re so excited to have recently checked that item off our own bucket list. Coming face to face with Africa’s Big Five is truly a memorable and exhilarating experience. You’ve probably heard of them and seen them on TV. The Big …

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14 Things To Do in Berlin

We love Berlin! From stepping back into history to the avant-garde, Berlin is a vibrant and exciting city with a lot to see and do. No matter whether you are a first time visitor Germany’s capital or whether you’ve been before, we bet you’ll find some unique things to do in Berlin on our roundup. …

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