Hiking Germany’s Ancient Beech Forests

When I think of the ancient inhabitants of Europe, I immediately think of Attila the Hun, the Vikings, and the Romans. But before even ancient Rome spread its empire, beech trees covered the continent. Though most of the forests were cut down to make way for Europe’s famous cities like Berlin and Prague, Germany is …

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Flying High on the Flying Trapeze

“What am I thinking?” “Have I lost my mind?” “I’m never going to be able to swing my legs up onto that bar!” “I’m going to look stupid.” That’s what was running through my mind as I pulled myself up each rung of the ladder on my climb up to the 22 foot high platform …

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Reflections on 5 Years of Living in Italy

Five years ago today we landed in Aviano, Italy to begin what was supposed to be a three year adventure living in bella Italia. Five years later we’re still here, and ironically as you read this, I’m on a plane headed to the US for a quick (but action packed) trip. I dreamed of living …

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Jdomb’s Travels Approved: UGOBAGS Customized Luggage

As travel writers, we pride ourselves on the luggage we carry while jetting around the world. We want our luggage to be functional, yet stylish no matter whether we’re packing for a two-week tour of Thailand or a three-day Tuscan getaway. We most certainly don’t want to show up at our next five star hotel …

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Buy a Volvo and See Sweden for Free

Have you heard of the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program? We hadn’t either until Volvo and Visit Sweden contacted us to help them promote the program. We’re here in Sweden right now, and though we didn’t buy a Volvo, we’re experiencing all of the aspects that a customer who has opted to enjoy the Volvo Overseas …

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Stralsund’s Scenic Beauty

With its Gothic red brick churches dotting the skyline and the blue Baltic lapping at the harbor, Stralsund is simply an unmissable stop on a tour of northern Germany. Once the second most important city in the Hanseatic League, Stralsund is almost perfectly preserved and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002 along with …

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The Most Epic Adventures are on EPICLIST

No offense Rick Steves. We had the Rick Steves’ Italy and France guidebooks back in the day. But we’re looking for something different than the same old sights that everyone sees when they go on holiday. We’re looking for adventures of epic proportions, like where to learn the flying trapeze or where we can pilot …

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The Best of Bremen

Bremen is a buzzing Hanseatic city on the Weser River, which delightfully feels like stepping back into the 15th century. Even on a gray day, the Altstadt (Old Town) glitters in all its glorious gilding and the Gothic Town Hall is beautifully baubled and blinged out. We really only scratched the surface, but these are …

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Beer, Boats and Whimsy in Wismar

When you think of the Baltic cities, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki are likely top of mind. But the southern Baltic cities have a fascinating history and the Hanseatic city of Wismar is no exception. It’s amazing that Wismar is still preserved as it was in Hanseatic times. It was ceded to Sweden during the Thirty …

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24 Hours in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck

Lübeck, founded in 1143, is renowned as the birthplace of marzipan and the beautiful Hanseatic City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on an island and completed surrounded by the Trave and Wakenitz Rivers, Lübeck is called the Venice of the Baltic. With towering Gothic churches, Medieval buildings set on serene squares and sweet …

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