Hiking the Belluno Dolomites

The Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi (The National Park of the Belluno Dolomites) has numerous hiking trails crisscrossing the two 2000 meter high mountains that rise up between Belluno and Feltre. Hiking Belluno offers nature lovers beautiful panoramas, particularly on the stretch of the Dolomites Alta Via 13 marked as trail 13 between Rifguio La …

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Win 2 Tickets to Colombia from LAN Airlines

We used to visit the Caribbean every year before we moved to Europe. It’s been five years since our last visit and we’re itching to get back to that side of the world. Cartagena, Colombia’s cool Caribbean sea breezes, fancy fusion restaurants, and South American charm sound like a perfect getaway to us. So, when …

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Barcelona or Madrid? The Food Tour Showdown!

Whether it’s a football battle between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, or a political one over the Catalan independence movement, it’s no secret that Barcelona and Madrid enjoy more than their fair share of rivalry! When I started giving food tours in Madrid with Madrid Food Tour in 2012, I remember defending all my city had to offer, …

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Hiking Italy’s Strada delle 52 Gallerie

My headlamp shines into the darkness ahead, barely illuminating the rocks as the tunnel twists upward like a spiral staircase cut into a mountain. Tim and I are in a tunnel on Italy’s Mount Pasubio that was built during World War I. In fact, this is just one of 52 tunnels that were built by …

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Radon Treatments at the Gastein Healing Caves

Tim and I are sitting in big fluffy robes on a tiny train that is whisking us over two kilometers in to a cave in Austria. No, we’re not using the robes to keep warm before a walking tour like in Slovenia’s Postojna Caves. We’re trying out a radical treatment (at least us Americans would …

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A Week In the Life of a Travel Blogger

Tim and I were just at dinner the other night with a group of his friends from work. I’d never met any of them before because my life as a full-time travel blogger keeps me on the go. A lot. After a few jokes that I actually do exist, the group was enthralled with what …

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Sea Kayaking Sweden’s Bohuslän Coast

The Bohuslän coast stretches from Gothenburg up north to the Norwegian border and some 8,000 islands dot the sea scape. Adventurers will love exploring the islands, islets, and rocky outcroppings in a sea kayak, slicing your paddles through the water from one fishing village to another. Experienced paddlers can stuff their canoe and head out …

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The Art of Gnocchi Making (And Recipe)

It’s practically a crime. I’ve lived in Italy for five years and had never taken an Italian pasta making class. The wonderful team at Castelfali, a Medieval Tuscan town that had fallen into neglect and was recently restored into a 2,700 acre resort, thought so too. They promptly invited me to attend their Castelfalfi Rosso …

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Drivers…and Jennifer…Start Your Engines!

I’m not a NASCAR fan. Truthfully, I’ve only been to one NASCAR race and that was because Tim got free tickets for volunteering at Phoenix International Raceway. And anything else I know about NASCAR is based on (a probably not very accurate) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. But I like fast cars and …

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You Know You Love Me – XOXO, The Empire Hotel

I’ll admit it – I’m a Gossip Girl fan. When Sex and the City ended, I was aching for something to replace it. Gossip Girl had many of the same elements: fashion and New York City as characters themselves. And “The Empire Hotel”, Chuck Bass’ hotel and Upper West Side home, played its own role. …

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