A Week In the Life of a Travel Blogger

Tim and I were just at dinner the other night with a group of his friends from work. I’d never met any of them before because my life as a full-time travel blogger keeps me on the go. A lot. After a few jokes that I actually do exist, the group was enthralled with what …

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Sea Kayaking Sweden’s Bohuslän Coast

The Bohuslän coast stretches from Gothenburg up north to the Norwegian border and some 8,000 islands dot the sea scape. Adventurers will love exploring the islands, islets, and rocky outcroppings in a sea kayak, slicing your paddles through the water from one fishing village to another. Experienced paddlers can stuff their canoe and head out …

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The Art of Gnocchi Making (And Recipe)

It’s practically a crime. I’ve lived in Italy for five years and had never taken an Italian pasta making class. The wonderful team at Castelfali, a Medieval Tuscan town that had fallen into neglect and was recently restored into a 2,700 acre resort, thought so too. They promptly invited me to attend their Castelfalfi Rosso …

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Drivers…and Jennifer…Start Your Engines!

I’m not a NASCAR fan. Truthfully, I’ve only been to one NASCAR race and that was because Tim got free tickets for volunteering at Phoenix International Raceway. And anything else I know about NASCAR is based on (a probably not very accurate) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. But I like fast cars and …

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You Know You Love Me – XOXO, The Empire Hotel

I’ll admit it – I’m a Gossip Girl fan. When Sex and the City ended, I was aching for something to replace it. Gossip Girl had many of the same elements: fashion and New York City as characters themselves. And “The Empire Hotel”, Chuck Bass’ hotel and Upper West Side home, played its own role. …

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Doing Barrel Rolls in a Bi-Plane Over Hoover Dam

I’ve seen Hoover Dam a hundred times. We made the drive out there and did the Dam Tour with every visitor we had over the course of the five years that we lived in Las Vegas. But I’ve never seen Hoover Dam like this – upside down while strapped in to the open cockpit of …

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A Slice of New York at Pizza a Casa

Visit the Empire State Building? Been there. Stroll through Central Park? Done that. If you’re looking for something different to do on your next visit to New York City, the head to Pizza a Casa Pizza School in Lower Manhattan. There’s nothing like a New York slice (it’s a NYC food icon, after all!) and …

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The Adventurer’s Guide to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is home to a buzzing cafe culture, world class restaurants, and all the museums that New York, London or Paris could hold for a culture seeker looking to quench their thirst . But Sweden’s second largest city also boasts an enviable list of urban adventures to be had, from a vintage roller coaster to …

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In Case of Emergency, In Case You Need It

No matter whether traveling or just at home, we hope we’ll never need an “in case of emergency” contact. But things happen and in the last few months following our car accident, we’ve had more and more questions about what to do in such situations when abroad. We’ll bring you a whole post dedicated to …

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Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental Lobby Lounge

While the ritual of afternoon tea is certainly very British, Britain isn’t the only place to enjoy the centuries-old tradition. New York’s luxury hotels know that sipping tea from bone china and nibbling on dainty tea sandwiches is the best relaxing and luxe way to spend an afternoon in the Big Apple. And now place …

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