Yonderbound: There’s A New Hotel Booking Site and it’s the Cheapest

The whole hotel booking experience is so…regimented. Yes, that’s precisely the word. Browse to your favorite booking site, enter your destination and travel dates. The search results pop up, sometimes with hundreds of results. You can literally spend hours looking at a map trying to determine if the location is good and then reading all …

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4 Northern German Towns That Will Put You in the Christmas Spirit

Lubeck Christmas Market

The Christmas market is one of Germany’s best Christmas traditions and the oldest ones date back to the late Middle Ages. The Christmas market started as a passed down tradition from generation to generation of the farmers from the Nuremberg area bringing their crops to sell at the marketplace during the Advent period. The seasonal …

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10 Tips for Packing Like a Travel Pro

I always want to be my best, stylish, event-appropriate self even while traveling. But no matter whether we’re going away for an overnight getaway or a month in three different climates with both hiking and business events, I like to travel as light as I can. Let’s be honest – it is not fun lugging …

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13 Best European Christmas Markets to See in Your Lifetime

The smell of mulled wine, gingerbread, and roasted chestnuts is in the air at the best European Christmas Markets. Hand-painted ornaments dangle from little wooden huts, scents of sausage waft through the air, and the sounds of carolers and horse carriages clacking on cobblestones fill the old town squares. Europe’s Christmas Markets are magical and …

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The Luxe Adventure Traveler Guide to Christmas in NYC

Ever since my first visit during the holidays, I haven’t been able to resist Christmas in NYC. To me, it’s when the city is at its best; when everything is the most shimmering and magical. New York City comes alive with holiday spirit and is home to some of the biggest and best light displays. …

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2014 Luxe Adventure Traveler Gift Guide

There are just 34 days until Christmas! You’re making your list, and checking it twice. The traveler in your life is gonna find out if they’ve been naughty or nice. And if that wanderluster did make your nice list, we’ve got everything from handy gadgets to luxe luggage that is sure to please on our …

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The Secret Movie Theater at One Aldwych

I have a confession. After a day running around sightseeing, hiking, kayaking or whatever latest adventure it is that we’re researching, I’m exhausted! I long ago was over the nightlife scene and it might sound lame, but I’m often more than happy to just order room service and stay in. So when One Aldwych, a luxe 5-star …

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The Camargue: France’s Wild West

Close your eyes and picture France. I’d bet scenes of chic Parisians sipping on wine at sidewalk cafes, strolling the banks of the Seine, and biking with baguettes in their basket come to mind. I’m not a gambler, but I’d also bet that what you’d never picture are cowboys, cattle ranches, and bull fighting. But …

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10 Travel Apps You Shouldn’t Travel Without

Remember Apple’s buzz-worthy phrase “There’s an app for that.” used in the first iPhone commercials? Well, in 2014 there’s more like a dozen or more different apps for whatever that is. Truth be told, our busy travel lives would be a lot more chaotic without the arsenal of travel apps that help keep us organized. …

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Puffins and the Pompeii of the North

Icelanders sort of shake it off if you tell them they are brave. But truth be told, they are. They essentially live on a rock with active volcanoes on and below it. Eruptions typically occur every two to three years and sleeping giants could cause mass devastation at any moment without warning. And that’s exactly …

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